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Since 1991 women have served alongside men in the British armed forces. Before then, women served in separate branches of each service - army, navy and air force. For those in the British army between 1949 and 1991 this was with the Women's Royal Army Corps but during the second world war and between 1938 and 1949 this was with the Auxilary Territorial Service (the A.T.S.). The purpose of this site is to provide historical information for those interested in the A.T.S. and its history.

Use the table below to find the items that are of interest to you - this includes how to find a Service Record or apply for a Medal. Please remember however, that all the information on this site is copyright protected. Express permission must be sought before it is used for any purpose.

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If you have details of any other A.T.S memorials please contact me so I can include them in this site.

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